Yana Motina is about how to improve your style, your favorite brands
and what makes an outfit aesthetically stylish

Yana, tell me what 5 things you can't imagine your wardrobe without?

- My wardrobe cannot be imagined, definitely, without leather ...
In my opinion, a well-chosen image with leather components is aesthetically sexy and stylish!
— I have a lot of jumpsuits in my wardrobe.
I'm a fan of pantsuits! For any occasion, I'll choose a pantsuit.
- Dresses ... There are quite a few of them, but each one is special.
- And the last thing without which "I" is not "I" is joggers.
What are your three favorite brands?

Alexander McQueen

How can you improve your style? What inspires you?

People and places inspire me. From each you endure something of your own: emotions, feelings, vision.
And you can improve your style with the help of your favorite accounts and books. For me, these are the only relevant sources for inspiration and self-improvement.

Yana, share your advice on how to dress stylishly for a man?

I would advise you to pay attention to a good base: shirts, trousers. BUT it shouldn't be boring.
For example, prints or non-typical materials (even velveteen, for example).
You can diversify with shoes, for example, for a suit of strict form sneakers. Or if you choose just a suit, then let it not be standard patterns.
Anything is mixed in our world. Therefore, you may like the dandy style.

But it all depends on what you prefer and wear. And what I would not advise is typical trouser suits!