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Get Outfit
We make the shopping experience easier and more personalized
Who we are
Get Outfit is a personalized fashion discovery app with creators' content and a free AI-powered stylist.

Get Outfit was started by Kim Sanzhiev with a mission to make shopping easy and more personalized.

Get Outfit is a Dubai-based startup and member of the in5 ecosystem that is located in the Dubai Design District.
4Q 2022
Launched website with personal stylist on-demand
1Q 2023
Launched the first closed-release of the mobile application for iOS
2Q 2023
Launched the first release on the App Store for the UAE and Saudi Arabia
3Q 2023
Launched Get Outfit for Creators and the first collaborations
Our values
We work to make people's lives easier. We want you to delegate tedious shopping to us and enjoy your life every other second. We want to be simple to use so that you can save your time and energy to achieve your biggest dreams while we keep you stylish and keep your wardrobe "smart".

Striving for Excellence
It's essential to do our best in every aspect of our business. We are aiming to achieve the best results in every task we lay our hands upon, that is why we always target 150% to reach the desired 100% of the result.

Consumerism and impulsive purchases are one of the main vices of the modern society, thus it's crucial to stay self-conscious and be able to tell right from wrong and essential from optional. We help people to create "smart wardrobes" with things that can be easily matched with each other. By avoiding the excessive shopping we keep our rooms in order and the nature—safe.

We believe that a good team is always more effective than a single professional. We make sure that the respect to each other, friendship, loyalty and emotional intelligence are always a part of out working atmosphere, as well as a part of our relationships with customers.
Our story
The beginning
Founded by fashion tech entrepreneur
Kim Sanzhiev to make shopping easier and more personalized.
The first customers
The first web-product with human stylists was launched and the feedback was received from over 1000 customers.
The game-changing idea
Kim and Den met to start the development of the first mobile application in order to integrate AI and ML technologies into the styling process.
The birth of Get Outfit
Kim and Den met Alex, and inspired a team of bright enthusiasts around their vision, and the history of Get Outfit was finally started in August 2022